WYoFi intends to be a Wyoming state-chartered special purpose financial services provider meeting the demands of technology companies by offering secure & compliant financial services & digital asset management on a single scalable platform.



The Innovators Bank™

As a Wyoming state-chartered Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI),  WYo Fi will be a bank with purpose enabling innovative companies to operate through our compliant financial services on a robust fintech platform in a thriving global ecosystem.

financial services

Commercial Banking, Global Payments Management and Open Banking Services

Qualified Custody

Digital Asset Framework with Qualified Custody Services and Liquidity

fintech platform

Scalable Platform with advanced API Architecture, Compliance and Security

Leadership & Founders

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Solution Suite

commercial banking

payments management

treasury management

money transmission

correspondent banking

360 degree reporting


robust api architecture

innovation sandbox

digital asset management

institutional custody

advanced compliance

advanced security

tokenization & liquidity

Unbanked Technology Businesses

What the industry considers ‘higher risk’ businesses operating within emerging industries & advanced technologies are not able to access banking, financial services & payment systems in the USA & the majority of all countries.


Traditional banks & payment service providers do not understand crypto markets, are slow to move & restricted by legacy policy.

Blockchain Companies

We will provide commercial banking services to qualified blockchain companies that cannot open or maintain business bank accounts. 

$ 200 B
crypto Market Cap
$ 1 B
Alternative funding

Alternative Assets

Blockchain technology via tokenization is creating efficiency, liquidity and and scale for companies, investors and fund managers.


Service providers utilizing tokenization, require a trusted US bank partner with a next-generation platform capable of supporting the compliance and transactions to manage digital asset transformation.

$14 T Alternative Asset Market

Alternative assets under management will be $14 trillion in 2023 (+59% vs. $8.8 trillion in 2017)

34,000 fund management firms active globally (+21% vs. 2018)

$ 0 T
Real Estate
$ 0 T
Private Debt
$ 4 T
Private Equity

Open Banking and Compliance

Open Banking, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) enhances compliance and innovation to transform the way financial services are provided. Business clients have a keen interest in secure sharing of data and services, blurring the lines between banks and FinTech services.


WYo Financial bridges the gap between regulated banking, payment management and compliant digital asset-based services for innovative companies around the world.

Technology, Data & Compliance

Advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are disrupting all markets and legacy banks can’t keep up with market demands. Open Banking is an integrated approach to compliance, accessibility and innovation to transform the way financial services are provided. WYo Financial bridges this gap and takes it one step further by bringing regulated banking, payment management together with and compliant digital asset-based services to transform markets and improve liquidity.

80 %
legacy IT spending

75% of a banks IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy systems

50 %
innovate Compliance

AI and blockchain will disrupt compliance including KYC & AML 

20 B
COnnected devices

An estimated 30B devices will be connected by 2020


Wyoming has a history of protecting privacy, data and zero or low tax rates. 


Along with inventing the LLC, Wyoming recently passed a series of laws providing the framework for blockchain, cryptocurrency, commercial banking, custody, and corporate governance applications built on distributed ledger technology. 


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WYo HQ is proudly in Cheyenne, WY

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WYo Financial will be leading the global blockchain banking and qualified custody market through the Wyoming framework.