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Wyoming’s New Crypto Banking Law Could Defang New York’s BitLicense

New York’s BitLicense has a work-around and it Starts in WY. Wyoming crafted 13 crypto-friendly laws in 2019 for blockchain, compliance, custody, and banking for blockchain companies. The Wyoming state-chartered Special Purpose Depository Institutions (SPDIs) is a new type of fully-reserved fiat bank that can also custody crypto assets and […]

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Wyoming Sets Blockchain Framework For Innovation

Wyoming passed a series of laws favorable for emerging technology businesses. These laws provide the framework for blockchain, cryptocurrency, commercial banking, and corporate governance applications built on distributed ledger technology. This article is for informational purposes only. Please consult with proper legal counsel as appropriate. 2019 Laws HB 74 – […]

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Wyoming Cements Position as Leading U.S. Jurisdiction for Blockchain with Sweeping New Legislation

In its most recent legislative sessions, Wyoming has undertaken substantial efforts to build on the momentum created by its 2018 enactment of legislation friendly to the blockchain and digital assets industries. In the months that followed that enactment, industry participants and legislators alike ascertained that further reforms and legislation were […]

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